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wefox Car insurance.

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With our direct quotes, calculate your new car insurance quickly and easily. The level of cover & excess? With Comfort & Comfort+, you decide!

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Do you prefer to drive on autopilot? We’ll steer you safely to your destination!

With our free and non-binding 360° service, our experts will find the insurance coverage that best suits your life.


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We go full throttle. To keep you safe on the road.

Sit back and relax. Because with car insurance from wefox, you stay in the fast lane when it comes to safety. Through the use of automated processes, you benefit from modern and fast claims settlement in the event of an emergency.

No mileage limits

Don't let yourself be held back, and enjoy your new freedom. With us, you can drive as many kilometres as your car can handle.

Open driver group

With us, everyone gets a turn at the wheel. So you can sit back, relax and just let yourself be chauffeured around.

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Do you have a trusted garage? With us, you decide where you have your vehicle repaired.

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