Car insurance.

Make sure of getting top benefits when you switch policies or take out a new policy.

Do you know exactly what you want? Then go for it!

With our direct quotes, calculate your new car insurance quickly and easily. The level of cover & excess? With Comfort & Comfort+, you decide!

Insure yourself in minutes
Calculate your premium automatically
Choose from 3 tariff levels (Compact, Comfort and Comfort+)

Do you prefer to drive on autopilot? We’ll steer you safely to your destination!

With our free and non-binding 360° service, our experts will find the insurance coverage that best suits your life.


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Choose the tariff that suits you best

If your old policy costs more than your car, then it’s time to switch to wefox Switch.

We’ll take care of your switch to wefox Switch and arrange the cancellation of your old policy, so you can sit back and relax. The use of automated processes means that in the event of an accident, you will benefit from a fast, modern claim settlement.

5% lower premium

When you switch your current insurance policy to wefox Switch, you’ll save 5% compared to your previous insurer.

Price fixed for 3 years

Your new Switch plan takes over your insurance coverage from your current insurance policy. The amount you pay will stay the same for 3 years.

No mileage limits

Don't let yourself be held back, and enjoy your new freedom. With us, you can drive as many kilometres as your car can handle.

Do you want help parking? With our FAQ you’ll be safe on the road.

Do you still have a lot of questions before setting out? No problem.

How can I buy wefox Insurance products?

Just schedule an appointment with a wefox exclusive advisor by clicking ‘Get advice’ in the header right on top of our website. You can also find us on most of the best comparison sites.

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