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Homeowner insurance.
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Secure comprehensive benefits as a homeowner.

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You like to have everything under control? Then treat yourself and your property to wefox homeowners insurance.

Get non-binding information during a free consultation with our wefox advisors. They will go through everything important with you and find a suitable offer for you - from basic protection in the Compact tariff to the maximum model in the Comfort+ tariff.

Fire, water, storm and natural hazards are always covered
Four tariff options offer you the perfect protection
You are missing something? With our extras you are safe

We accompany you to your secured home.

Our 360° advisory service helps you find out which tariff best suits you, your property and your wishes.


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Safety for you and your home.

Our tariffs are suitable for all property owners of detached or semi-detached houses and terraced houses - even in the case of mixed use as a residential building with a commercial unit (max. 50 percent).

Your protection at a glance

Whether it's (pipe) water, fire, storm and hail or natural hazards - you're safe with homeowner insurance from wefox.

Optional extras according to your needs

Take out additional insurance against damage to glass, photovoltaic systems or drainage pipes.

Thought in all directions

Outbuildings and extensions up to 50 m² each are also insured.

Need support? With our FAQ you are safe at home.

You still have a lot of questions about the topic? No problem.

Who can purchase the homeowner insurance?

Anyone who lives in Germany, is over 18 years old, owns a permanently occupied house and has not had more than one claim in the last 5 years.

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Are there certain buildings that can't be insured?

Multi-family buildings are excluded from our protection because separate protection requirements are prescribed by law for owners.

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How much is the sum insured?

The sum insured depends on the value of the building. However, some tariffs also have fixed sums insured that depend on the tariff coverage.

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What documents are necessary to purchase this insurance?

No documents are required to take out the insurance.

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Is there a deductible in case of damage?

This depends on the claim. As a rule, you should contact us in the event of damage before you repair anything. We will then take care of the rest.

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