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Protect yourself when something goes wrong.

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Be on the safe side when damage occurs.

Liability insurance is a must-have for everyone. If you accidentally cause damage to someone else, things can get costly without it. Protecting yourself beforehand is super easy with wefox.

Variable coverage amounts
Affordable premiums
Excellent overall service

Liability? Doesn’t have to be complicated.


Set up a free of charge review meeting.


Our wefox experts will give you personal advice, no obligation.


You select the rate that suits you best.

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Liability Switch. Safe is a good choice.

It pays to switch. With our Switch rate, we give you 5% off the current premium. You get excellent benefits and enjoy first-rate service. That’s just one example of how you benefit.

5% Switch bonus

When you change your current policy to Liability Switch from wefox, you save 5% compared to your previous insurer.

Three year status quo guarantee*

With your Switch rate, you get at least the same benefits as with your current insurance coverage. Sometimes even better. The rate remains the same for 3 years.

Switching is easy

We take care of the cancellation and processing the contract. This way, you get the best rate while you sit back and relax.

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How do I sign up for the wefox App?

The wefox App is free for all wefox Insurance customers. Step by step instructions are sent with your new wefox Insurance policy; just click the link in the email in your confirmation mail, download the app, set up your individual password – and you’re done!

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How can I buy wefox Insurance products?

Ask your broker if they offer wefox Insurance or schedule an appointment with a wefox exclusive advisor by clicking ‘Get advice’ in the header right on top of our website. You can also find us on most of the best comparison sites.

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What is a Switch Rate?

The Switch Rate is a special rate in our company. We take the premium and benefit of the previous insurance and reduce the annual premium by 5%.

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