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Buckle up, please!

Your advantages with wefox Switch.

When your insurance coverage burns through more cash than your car, it’s time to switch to a new policy.

*Same services and coverages as with your previous insurance provider, if a comparable rate is available. Does not apply to any benefits or inclusions subject to contributions from the previous policy which we do not offer at the time the contract is concluded.

5% lower premium
3 years of price stability
Status quo guarantee*
Unlimited number of drivers
No mileage limits
Accompanied driving starting at age 17

How to get there safely:

Switch to high gear and change to wefox auto insurance.


Set up a free of charge review meeting.


Our wefox experts will give you personal advice, no obligation.


You select the rate that suits you best.

Get free advice

Full speed ahead with Car Switch.

We go full throttle. Protecting you wherever you drive. By using automated processes, wefox is able to settle your claim quickly in the case of an emergency.

Here for you whenever you need us

If you cause personal or property damage with your vehicle, you are protected by your auto liability insurance.

Switching is easy

We take care of the cancellation and processing the contract. This way, you get the best rate while you sit back and relax.

Climate neutral on the road

Support our environmental protection project “green insured” We plant a tree for every green wefox policy.

Our FAQ guides you to your destination.

Do you have more questions before you start your trip? No problem.

What do I do if a wefox customer has damaged my car or my property?

If a wefox customer caused a damage to your car or property, please send an email to us with details to schaden@wefox.de.

Please add the following information:

  • Your information: name, address and phone number.
  • Details of the wefox customer: name, address, contract number and car license plate.
  • Claim details: date and location of the event, description and images of the damage.

Our claims team will review your claim and will get back to you shortly.

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How do car insurance deductibles work?

A deductible is an amount of money that you are responsible for paying toward an insured loss.

You're responsible for your policy's stated deductible every time you file a claim. After you pay the car deductible amount, your insurer will cover the remaining cost to repair or replace your vehicle.

If you have a €500 deductible and €2,000 in damage from a covered accident, your insurer will pay €1,500 to repair your car, and you'll be responsible for the remaining €500.

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What if my car insurance deductible costs more than my repairs?

If your auto insurance deductible is higher than the cost of the damage to your vehicle, you'll pay for the entire cost out of pocket as the insurer only covers damages above your deductible amount. In these cases, you may not need to file a claim.


Your car repairs only amount to €500 and your deductible is €1,000. You'll pay for all the repairs out of pocket because the cost is lower than your deductible amount.

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Do I pay a deductible if I damaged a car?

If you cause an accident but don't damage your car, you won't pay a deductible. In this scenario, your liability coverage would pay for the other driver's injuries and property damage, which doesn't carry a deductible. However, if your vehicle is damaged in the accident and you decide to file a collision claim, then you would pay your collision deductible.

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Does car insurance cover windshield damage?

Glass damage to the car is usually caused by falling rocks. If you have partially comprehensive coverage, then you should be covered for auto glass repair, including a full windshield replacement. The defective part (windshield, headlight, mirror) will be repaired or replaced.

If a glass breakage is caused by yourself or as a result of vandalism / hit-and-run, only fully comprehensive insurance applies.

Important note
: You shouldn't wait too long after the damage occurs to report a glass claim, and the claim should be filed before any repairs take place. The longer you wait to get your windshield or window fixed, the more likely the chip or crack will spread.

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