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Our 360° advice finds the best possible insurance for you, be it from wefox or another provider. Free of charge, no strings attached.

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With our 360° advice, you always get the best possible insurance at the lowest possible price. No need to read up on anything. No need to worry. That’s what our experts are here for.


Put your feet up and experience insurance at its best. At wefox, we make insurance fit you. Not the other way around.


Nobody knows what the future holds. But artificial intelligence and machine learning allow us to calculate your individual risk – and optimise your protection.


Our experts get all offers from the market. No commission-driven decisions. No hidden fees. No small print.

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We’re here to help.


A single click of a button tells us to check which insurance policies match you and your lifestyle best. Or how to make the most of your existing policies.


Afterwards, our wefox experts advise you. Personally. Free of charge. No strings attached. Feel free to shoot questions at us.


It’s a match? Good stuff! Grab the policy that fits your needs. From wefox or anyone else.

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In just a few simple steps we will calculate your personal risk level. Get immediate results and find out which exposures you face as well as which policies are most relevant for you. Use these insights as a basis for your free consultation – for more clarity on your needs, better coverage, and ideal value for money.