Broker Co-Pilot

Your personal AI assistant, the wefox Broker Co-Pilot is the insurance broker software to support you throughout the entire broker lifecycle.

The ultimate business management tool for Brokers

Your personal AI assistant boosts productivity in everyday workflows and customer loyalty with trusted and compliant services. The full-service business management suite for brokers, Broker Co-Pilot rolls all of your traditional broker tools into one.

Get more out of your day

Increase productivity and reduce time spent on administrative tasks and operational costs through automatic customer communication using the Broker Co-Pilot CRM tool functionality.

More personalized service for your clients

Offer better, tailored solutions based on individual needs and preferences - Broker Co-Pilot uses custom risk-coverage gap analysis to make 360° product-related recommendations.

Compliance First

A top priority of any broker tool, all data is secure and protected by the most comprehensive compliance and security controls and fulfills all GDPR requirements.

The Future-Proof Broker Tool

Want a business management software that helps you to work smarter? Unleash limitless customer engagement with easy-to-use AI features, seamlessly available throughout the broker portal.

Make communication your superpower

Auto-generated and personalized customer relationship management in just a click. Helps you write birthday messages, propose a consultation or a policy to your customer. With our free text functionality, you can create any prompt to facilitate future communication.

  • Easily manage all communication in your personalized tone of voice and ability to send a quick note
  • Check in with your customer more frequently on more occasions
  • More engaged customers leads to lower churn

Turn product recommendations into your competitive advantage

Our AI technology discovers customers’ personalized needs by profiling customer data (location, age, gender, address) and makes product recommendations based on this data.

  • Easily up- and cross sell into other product categories
  • Get next best offer recommendation for your entire customer portfolio
  • Send personalized offer at a click of a button

Better customer insights -  If you know, you can act

Set criteria to better manage and engage customers with your portfolio and extract specific customer information (e.g. find customers with high likelihood to buy, policy needs) with one click.

  • Focus on the most promising customers with our handy lead management tool
  • Get recommendations on what similar customers usually choose to better advise your customer
  • Approach customers with compelling and relevant communication to increase customer loyalty

Advise more accurately and effectively

Receive quick and accurate insurance coverage analysis in minutes, eliminating the need for manual document review. Help customers understand the coverage within their policies.

  • Identify potential gaps in their coverage and ensure they are adequately protected
  • Save on premiums by identifying overlaps in coverage
  • Reduce customer churn thanks to accurate churn prediction and need based coverage adjustments

Policy QA: Work together as a team

Use the AI co-pilot as an additional team member to ask anything you want - the business management software is ready to respond to any request (e.g. “Give me the risk profile of Anna Harrison”)

  • Focus on interacting with customers instead of searching for information
  • Be on top of customer interaction history - have everything ready to go
  • Solve complex work tasks in one easy-to-manage workplace

More than another Broker tool

Get more by doing less - deliver exceptional customer experiences and stay ahead of the competition thanks to your AI-powered business management tool Broker Co-Pilot.

Skyrocket your client engagement

Get relevant insights to interact with your clients more.

Improve productivity and save costs

Reach more customers and provide the same excellent service in less time.

Maximize your business value

Increase your portfolio size with data-driven identification of cross-selling opportunities.