Take your business to the next level

The wefox insurance product portal is our advanced agile cloud-native insurance exchange platform with open APIs empowering you to rapidly digitize, develop and distribute products through any point of sale.

wefox Insurance Product Builder

Get ahead of the competition: agile insurance portal software designed to speed up your processes.

Faster time to market

Accelerate your product launch cycles with our innovative AI-driven insurance product builder and seamlessly test and scale products across geographies.

Increase your revenue

Create customized insurance products to attract and convert new customers, create geographical segments to increase revenue stream, and provide tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of your clientele.

Widen your distribution footprint

Expand your business and increase your sales by reaching untapped markets and expanding your geographical footprint by gaining access to a wide network of distributors who can sell your products.

Reduce your tech costs

Leverage our advanced technology and resources to cut down on development, maintenance and upgrading costs; reduce your reliance on older, cumbersome insurance portals, too.

Increase your visibility among distributors

Stand out from the competition with our unique 100% digital quote and bind feature for unmatched visibility amongst distributors to drive preference and enhance salience.

Be ahead of the game

The insurance portal empowering you to drive efficiency across the entire product portfolio and lifecycle. Be enabled to better manage:

Product Builder + portfolio digitization

Your hub to create on-demand products via drag + drop, benefitting from real-time pricing and risk adjustments.

  • User-friendly interface, offering an intuitive interface that makes navigating through complex insurance parameters as simple as browsing your favorite website.
  • Low-Code/No-Code Environment to unleash your creative potential by designing complex insurance products without any coding skills.
  • Pre-built Integrations offered through our Marketplace; pre-built integrations make it easier to add additional services or functionalities

Distribution Management

Manage all your distribution from one place and gain access to a big network of distributors to rapidly expand into new markets.

  • Multichannel overview with real-time sales information
  • Effortless set-up for handling distribution + customized commissions
  • Manage all distribution from one place by either receiving or creating new distributors
  • Review all applications and the compliance of each broker.

Real-Time Analytics

Interactive dashboard in your insurance portal with real-time insights on product performance, quotations, sold policies and GWPs.

  • Customizable dashboard highlighting valuable metrics for your business
  • Connect and harmonize data for a unified view of your portfolio performance
  • Easily filter products and/or distributors to find high and low performing elements of your business.